Groenerdam app allows the user to explore Rotterdam in a more green way. With access to open data from Gemeentewerken Rotterdam (Rotterdam Department of Public Works), the user gets information about special trees, walking and jogging routes, parks and recreation spots. The app also gives the user the opportunity to rate and give feedback about the visited locations.

My role in project
In this project I focused on the concept and UI. The most challenging part was to create an unique and refreshing user experience while maintaining specific brand guidelines.

The user can choose between 3 main categories in this app:
I. What do I want to do?
II. What do I want to see?
III. Nearby.

Some of the main categories also contains subcategories such as jogging, barbecue, walking routes and playgrounds.

This app encourages the inhabitants and visitors to (re)discover the green side of Rotterdam. Also, in order to support Gemeentewerken Rotterdam’s services, the app includes a review capability.

With this option the users can express their enjoyment about the visited locations but can also report, if necessary, things like broken park benches, fallen trees or even certain forms of vandalism.

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