Jack's Cars

A short and intensive project, a part of the Gamedesign minor, which consisted of designing and developing a mobile game. The main purpose of the project was to remake a retro game and to develop a functional prototype. iOS was used as mobile platform for the prototype development. The game which was chosen to be recreated concerned Road Fighter for NES.

My role in project
The team for this project consisted of 3 people, including the game designer, the developer and the visual designer. My responsibility was creating the visuals used in the game. I have also gained experience with creating pixel art. Creating pixel art visuals was both incredibly fun and challenging as the project was executed within a limited time span.

Main goals of the game is to reach the finish line in time while avoiding various obstacles. In addition to race against the clock we added a fun way to unlock new cars within the game. The player will unlock a new car by putting in license plate from real cars he or she will spot on the go outside of the game.

The idea is to find a sports car that stands out, for example a Porsche or a Ferrari, it does not matter what year/model. Once the car is successfully unlocked it will be added to the car garage. Each of the added cars has it’s own special racing ability.

Not all of the planned features made it into the final prototype. For example as you may have noticed there's no visual indication of the fuel levels. Our goal was to present a native and working game instead of mock-up prototype and that meant to prioritise certain things in the process.

Was it worth it in the end? I believe so, yes. Our project received positive responses during the presentation and the live demo. That gave us an edge over the other teams.

Although we aimed for more cars in our initial concept description, these are the car models that made it into the final version of the prototype.

Overall the project proved to be a great learning experience and it was a pleasure to work with pixel art.

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