During my internship I had the opportunity to take a deep dive into user experience of the SmartAlarm website and it's visitors. During the project I also designed a packaging sleeve, more about that here.

My role in project
I was given the task to research whether at that time used website design was being perceived as trustworthy and credible by it’s visitors, and if not the case, to come with a fitting design solution. Very intriguing and challenging task!

Original version
The research results indicated that the website design which was used at that time was indeed perceived as untrustworthy, vague and outdated by majority of the website visitors. The main reason was the fact that the visitors did not get a clear image of what the website was trying to communicate, which is a modern system to secure ones home. The improper use of information architecture, overcomplicating navigation structure and visual appeal of the website were of major influence which caused the website visitors to doubt the website’s credibility.

Redesigned version
Rather than only focusing on the e-commerce aspect which remains an important part of the website, the visitors wished for a better explanation of the offered product and services. In short, the redesigned version of the website focuses on guiding the visitors by providing information before offering the actual the product and services.

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