Vi-Wi is short for "Vinden en Winnen" (translates from dutch as "Find and Win").
It's a game app concept which encourages app users to work together, crowd sourcing, in order to be able to win various prizes. The core goal of the game is to find virtual puzzle pieces which are scattered around the town before the time runs out. You can play it on your own but the game motivates the user to participate and work together with others to increase chances of completing the puzzle within given time and thus wining the chosen challenge.

My role in project
We worked on this project as a team of 4 students. Every team member was involved with developing the concept and as the project progressed I was responsible for the user interface and the visual design. The goal was to make the UI visually pleasing and user friendly so it would appeal more to our target group which consisted of mainly younger users. As you might notice skeuomorphism was still going strong during the project.

When the app is launched for the first time it presents the user a short tutorial consisted of 4 slides with in-app screen examples and annotations.

Once logged in the user would see status of his/hers ongoing puzzle games.

As previewed above the user is able to login by either using his/hers email address or Facebook account. Once logged-in, the user is presented with an overview of the puzzle(s) in which he/she is participating in, also the home screen allows user to edit the profile information and revisit app tutorial if needed.

Before actually participating in a puzzle search user gets informed about the (ongoing) progress, number of participants and of course the prize. On the next design preview the user can see his/her own profile and stats information.

The Vi-Wi app helps the participants to find the missing puzzle pieces by acting as a virtual compass. By using camera functionality and augmented reality the search is made more interactive and fun.

Once a puzzle is successfully solved the participants will get their price, in case of this particular design concept user received a discount code which can be used at certain electronics store.

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